Stockholm, Sweden


I booked my flight with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) five months in advance. I only paid $397 roundtrip, nonstop from Chicago to Stockholm over Labor Day Weekend. I set up a Google Flight, Kayak, and Momondo alert for Labor Day Weekend, and Google Flights sent me an email when flights to Stockholm were cheap.

I landed at Arlanda Terminal 5 and took the Flygbussarna Airport Coach to Stockholm’s city center. I bought a Flygbussarna ticket before I left the United States. Flygbussarna has busses leaving every 15 minutes or so, and you can use the ticket for anytime within three months of purchase. My ticket was about $10, which seemed reasonable for the 40 minute ride to the Stockholm city center. 

The City Terminal is right next to the central train station. I felt thoroughly safe hopping off the bus early in the morning and walking to the Generator Hostel. The walk was about 10 minutes, and there were plenty of commuters out and about.

Seen on the island of Skeppsholmen

I stayed at the Generator Hostel in Stockholm for three nights. I spent $163 on a bed in a 6-bed female dorm. This seemed pricey for a hostel, but was actually reasonable given Stockholm’s expensive nature. 

I really enjoyed the Generator Hostel and would recommend it to my fellow budget travelers. When I checked in I was assigned a top bunk. I much prefer the bottom bunks, and Generator was able to accommodate my request. The rooms were very clean, and I had enough space in the locker under my bed for my suitcase and backpack. 

One of the reasons I love staying in hostels is the opportunity to meet new people. All three nights I was at the Generator, I went downstairs to the restaurant and bar area and made new friends. 

I felt it was easy to meet people at the Generator, but if you’re more shy Generator has an app to facilitate friendships! Essentially the app matches you with other people who also are staying at the Generator. I thought this was a clever way to ensure those who are more shy can meet new friends at the hostel. 

The Generator had a restaurant and bar in one space and a bar/club right next door. I didn’t go to the club, but I spent a lot of time at the restaurant and bar. The restaurant had amazing food. I enjoyed a pizza one night and a pasta dish the next night. I gave the waitress my list of food allergies, and she checked with the chef to make sure I was safe eating my chosen meals. 

Overall, I had a great stay at the Generator Hostel and would stay there again in a heartbeat. 

Sunset over Gamla Stan
Things To Do

Here’s a bullet list of things I did in Stockholm. I’ll cover these more in detail in upcoming posts.

  • Wander Gamla Stan
  • City Hall
  • Royal Palace
  • Shopping on Sveavägen Street
  • Vasa Museum
  • Modern Art Museum and Sculpture Garden
  • Drinks on the Af Chapman
  • Dine at Skeppsbro Bageri
  • Visit the ReTuna secondhand shopping center
  • Hike Paradisets nature reserve
Vasa Museum
Modern Art Museum
Paradisets Nature Reserve
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  9. Interesting. Thanks for the review. I’ll look into staying there the next time in Stockholm.

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