Munich Overview


I booked my trip to Munich about nine months in advance because I knew I’d have MLK Day off of work and school. Google Flights alerted me that I could fly to Munich for $362 roundtrip, so I bought it! I had a short layover in Madrid, which was no bother to me. For that price, I couldn’t turn down a trip to Europe. I booked the long weekend trip having no prior knowledge of Munich, and I’m glad I did. It was a great, long weekend trip.


I booked the Wombat’s Hostel in the center of Munich for $77 USD total for three nights. This location is a two minute walk from Munich’s central train station, which is why I picked it. However, I would not stay here again. 

I’ve had really positive experiences at other hostels, so this one was a let down. The staff was very kind, but the hostel procedures were odd to me. Every guest has to give some sort of identification card with a picture in order to get a key card for the room. Wombat’s holds the card, like a student ID or library card, until you check out to ensure you return your room key. I thankfully had a student ID on me; otherwise, I’m not sure what I would’ve done! Wombat’s doesn’t advertise this procedure to you prior to check in. 

Additionally, Wombat’s cleaning services are minimal. When I got to my room I found my bed undressed with a pillow and quilt, no pillow case or sheets. It didn’t appear the quilt had been cleaned since the last guest. The cleaning staff came in and gave me sheets to dress my bed. My other roommates didn’t dress their beds, so they just slept on the pillow and bed sans sheets. It didn’t seem like the cleaning staff cleaned often. The procedures seemed a bit unsanitary. When I checked out I had to bring down my linens and towel to the front desk. 

Finally, I was bummed by the number of people in the hostel who didn’t want to socialize. I’ve enjoyed getting to know travelers at other hostels, and this was not the case at Wombats. They give everyone a welcome drink ticket to use during happy hour, but everyone at happy hour was on their phones or laptops. No one talked to each other; it was pretty awkward. 

My stay at Wombat’s was just okay. The location was great for walking around the city, but that really was the only positive for me. I’d recommend finding a different hostel.


I pretty much walked everywhere in the city aside from arriving and leaving Munich. There are trams that run on the major streets, which is a quick and easy way to get from one side of the city to the other.

Arriving in Munich was very easy; visitors landing at Munich International Airport can take the S-Bahn either S1 or S8 trains into the city. When I landed I followed the green signs for S-Bahn and found the train I needed. It took about 50 minutes to get to Munich Hbf. The train announces the stops in English and German. Most passengers were getting off at this stop too, so it was hard to miss. 

The trains run almost 24 hours a day, so I was able to catch a 5am train back to the Munich airport for my returning flight. The staff at Wombat’s told me that the S1 train splits in half sometimes, so I should sit in the back of that train to ensure I wasn’t in the part of the train that split in the wrong direction. I was back at the airport within 50 minutes. 

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