Why The Royal Haciendas is a Must Stay

My friend and I recently traveled to Playa del Carmen and stayed at The Royal Haciendas, and I cannot speak highly enough about this resort. From the moment we hopped the shuttle to the resort to our last moment on the beach, our stay was phenomenal. Here are a few of the numerous reasons why you must stay at The Royal Haciendas: 

Food Allergy and Dietary Restriction Accommodations

My friend and I both have severe food allergies. I have a lot of allergies to fruit and nuts, and my friend has food allergies to fish and shellfish. We assumed all our allergies would be problematic at a Caribbean resort with lots of fruit, nuts, and fish! Our waiters were proactive and asked us if we had any allergies or dietary restrictions before we even placed a drink order. I was amazed because I’ve never stayed at a resort that preemptively asks about allergies and dietary restrictions. Asking about allergies and dietary restrictions was clearly protocol at every resort restaurant. 

Further, the chefs made our food in a separate kitchen to avoid cross contamination. We ordered chips and salsa, and the chips were fried in a separate kitchen that did not have fish. There were also plenty of restaurants on site, so we had a variety of dining options. We never felt bored of the food. My favorite dish was the tamales; they were just scrumptious! Overall, I had such peace of mind dining at all of the resort’s restaurants knowing they cared about our food allergies.

Loaded nachos.
Chips & salsa.

Covid Protocols

My friend and I both received the Covid vaccines when we traveled; however, we felt very safe at The Royal Haciendas with their Covid protocols. When we arrived at the resort, the staff immediately took our temperatures and sanitized our luggage. Masks are required in every area of the resort aside from the beach and pools. We felt the other guests obeyed these rules well. Beach chairs and dining tables were spaced at least 6 feet apart to promote social distancing. Our room even had a “Covid kit,” which included two bottles of hand sanitizer, masks, and anti-bacterial wipes. You can find out more about Royal Resort’s Covid protocols on their website.

The Covid Kit.


My friend and I decided on Playa del Carmen because we wanted a relaxing vacation. We wanted to sit by the beach and pool and soak up as much Vitamin D as possible before returning to the frigid tundra that is Chicago. The resort had so many options for beach and pool fun. We rented body boards for a day to enjoy the wavy sea. We also used the scuba goggles, which were free. The sea water is so clear, we were able to see lots of marine life. The staff frequently cleaned the beach and pool toys. 

We loved sitting by the beach and pool daily. The beach is soft and sandy, and there is minimal seaweed. There are also lifeguards and a flag indicating the sea water safety. There are plenty of pools and beach space, so we never felt crowded by other guests. The pool temperature is just perfect, and you will want to lounge by the pool bar all day.  

The Royal Haciendas also had activities for kids and adults at no additional charge. There were different theme nights like a pirate night for the kids. My friend and I particularly enjoyed a musical duo performing Selena songs during dinner.

Socially distanced tables.
A beautiful beach day.
Sunrise on the beach.

A Lovely Time

This was my second time staying at an all-inclusive resort, and I just adore The Royal Haciendas’ all-inclusive experience. You can tip the staff at the end of your stay, just remember to keep track of the staff’s names. We tipped day-to-day, so we wouldn’t forget to tip at the end of the trip. Tipping is optional, but I highly recommend tipping the staff because they are hard workers and make a great effort for the guests to have the best experience.

We had an extraordinary time at the darling Royal Haciendas resort. Between the allergy-friendly food options, Covid protocols, and kind staff, we had a superb vacation. I cannot wait to go back! 

Enjoying an evening swim.
View from our room.

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